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Scents of Luxury...

Perfumes & Fragrances


We have a range of sophisticated fragrances. Inspired by myriad different scents, our designs are unique, invigorating and scentsational!

Natural Body Care

Natural Body Care

Explore our range of natural body lotions and spray lotions that are paraban free and 97% natural, with the goodness of avocado, aloe, shea butter and a host of ingredients that are really good for you!

Scented Drawer Liners

Scented Drawer Liners

Scented Drawer Liners keep clothes stored in drawers smelling fresh and help avoid musty odours as well as keep shelves looking neat and pretty. Available in a wide range of fragrances.

Shower Gel & Hand Wash

Shower Gel and Hand Wash

Our soothing hand washes and shower gels do not contain harsh soaps that will dry your skins. Natural ingredients like esters and chamomile combined with vegetable glycerin will leave your skin feeling soft and conditioned.


Love what you do.

Try something new.

Stop to smell the roses.

Do  a good deed today.

Heal body and mind.

Healing Oils


I come with a

soft & cuddly teddy.

I am scented like a baby.

I am already gift-wrapped

What's not to love?

Baby Girl Scented Drawer Liner
Floral Kiss Natural Body Lotion

Floral Kiss Body Lotion

Just for Baby Boy

Chocolate Natural Body Lotion

Chocolate Body Lotion

Coconut Lime Scented Drawer Liner Online Shopping

Coconut Lime

About Us

On our bucket list are a trip to outer space (yes literally), watch the first sunrise of every new year, gather fresh lavender from the fields of Provence, taste unusual berries from around the world and listen to Beethoven’s Fifth played by a live orchestra in a pastoral setting.

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